Cohort Stories & Updates

The power of capacity-building investments can’t be understated. See how one of our nonprofit partners incorporated sabbaticals as an investment in their team and community.

Community voices shape every aspect of our work, starting with our engagement process. By prioritizing conversations with community leaders and grassroots organizations, we’re able to identify areas where our grants can make the most impact.

By investing in tools, resources, and staff through capacity-building grants, nonprofits can strengthen their operations and create lasting community impact. Join us as we delve into the transformative power of empowering nonprofits to fill their needs and build resilient teams for a sustainable future.

Selecting communities and organizations to fund is a critical process for Magic Cabinet, a philanthropic organization focused on long-term capacity-building grants for nonprofits in underresourced communities.

When you see an iceberg, the portion visible above water is only a tiny part of a larger whole. You can think of nonprofits in the same way.