Tacoma #2 Cohort, WA

Together for 5 Years

This Cohort lasts five years so relationships can strengthen, processes can develop, and internal structures can be built. Together, Neighborhood Clinic, Rainbow Center, and Tacoma Area Coalition of Individuals with Disabilities (TACID) meet quarterly to present grant proposals to each other, vote on new grants, share progress updates, and seek advice on new challenges as they build capacity and grow.

The mission of Neighborhood Clinic is to ensure that everybody has access to health care. They will provide physical and emotional care to all patients, creating a healing environment and educating and advocating for those in need.

Founded 1989

The mission of Rainbow Center is to expand resources and safe space for the lesbian, gay, transgender, queer and allied community through education, advocacy and celebration.

Founded 1997

The mission of TACID is to promote the independence of individuals with disabilities through peer support, advocacy and self-sufficiency programs.

Founded 1980

Long-Term Community Investment

Magic Cabinet prioritizes community-born, led, and serving organizations to build their capacity and accelerate their impact. We believe if given the time, tools, and resources they ask for, the organizations and the communities they serve will flourish. Founded in 2023, this cohort will last five years.

Capacity Building Projects Overview

An effective nonprofit is more than its programs. Each Cohort has access to $2.5m through collectively approved capacity-building grants— approximately $500k available each year. Every Cohort member faces unique challenges and opportunities for their organization; that’s why they determine how to leverage Magic Cabinet funds.