RVC Fiscally-Sponsored #1 Cohort, WA​

Together for 5 years

This Cohort lasts up to five years so relationships can strengthen, processes can develop, and internal structures can be built. Together, ALA Garifuna Women, Mujer Al Volante, and Surge Reproductive Justice meet quarterly to present grant proposals to each other, vote on new grants, share progress updates, and seek advice on new challenges as they build capacity and grow.

The mission of ALA Garifuna is to empower Garifuna women by providing comprehensive general education and fostering the expansion of knowledge inherited through generations. They are dedicated to strengthening individuals and communities through continuous learning and shared wisdom.

Founded 2019

The mission of Mujer al Volante is to support low income immigrant and refugee women and mothers to take the steering wheels of their lives. Taking the Steering Wheel of My Life provides access to essential driving road knowledge specific to the state of Washington.


Founded 1985

The mission of Surge Reproductive Justice is to mobilizes communities to build a world where all people can make powerful, self-determined choices for their bodies and the future of their families and communities. Our work centers Black women, women of color, and queer and trans people of color for a movement that rises from the bottom up.

Founded 2020

Long-Term Community Investment

Magic Cabinet prioritizes community-born, led, and serving organizations to build their capacity and accelerate their impact. We believe if given the time, tools, and resources they ask for, the organizations and the communities they serve will flourish.

Capacity Building Projects Overview

An effective nonprofit is more than its programs. Each Cohort has access up to $2.5m through collectively approved capacity-building grants— approximately $500k available each year. Every Cohort member faces unique challenges and opportunities for their organization; that’s why they determine how to leverage Magic Cabinet funds.

We're excited to announce Magic Cabinet's first cohorts of fiscally-sponsored organizations. Ushering in a new evolution of our grantmaking, we're eager to shift power to a new group of nonprofits to help them catalyze impact within the communities they serve.

Of the many benefits we’ve seen from our Cohort Model, there’s one unique aspect that defines its success: nonprofits resourcing each other to build stronger organizations through collaboration and connection.

Amidst a changing world, nonprofits feel the pressing need to adapt. However, within this challenge exists an opportunity to redefine their visual identity. Discover the intentional process our nonprofit partners took as they navigated change, embraced transformation, and paved the way for a fresh chapter.