Nonprofit Trends That Will Dominate 2024

As we enter 2024, the nonprofit landscape is poised for transformative trends. We’re excited to spotlight Magic Cabinet CEO Christina Engel as she shares her predictions for this year. In her first feature as a member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council, Christina underscores the importance of a growing focus on grassroots funding and advocacy-based work

Christina Engel

"State and national elections will dominate the nonprofit sector in 2024, creating a deeper focus on grassroots movement funding and advocacy-based philanthropic work. Along the lines of advocacy funding, we will also see a growing focus on funding nonprofit media organizations to amplify diverse narratives and stories without a profit-centric tilt."

Alongside Christina’s insights, fellow Forbes Nonprofit Council members foresee trends such as increased collaboration, the role of community-based organizations in political landscapes, and the integration of artificial intelligence. For a deeper dive into the trends shaping the nonprofit sector in 2024, check out the full article on Forbes.

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