In Response to the May/June 2020 Protests

Magic Cabinet Stands Against Police Brutality

Magic Cabinet mourns the tragic murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Oscar Grant, Mario Woods, Che Taylor, Charleena Lyles, and every other American who senselessly and illegally lost their lives for being Black or Brown.

We stand with all whose loved ones have been taken by the very institutions charged with protecting our communities. Their deaths are the result of systematic racism, and not acknowledging the racist structures woven into every level of our society is ignoring our collective humanity. To every person holding pain caused by these infuriating events, to the Black Lives Matter movement, and especially to those in the Black community, we stand with you as fellow humans. We can’t claim to understand how it feels to experience the injustices you face, but we see you and we’re listening. Your courageousness makes us all the more committed to moving our mission forward.

We act in solidarity with our nonprofit and community partners who are voicing the anguish, anger, and deep frustration with the systems that oppress and devalue Black and Brown lives. We remain committed to our daily work of rebalancing unequal power dynamics, honoring lived experience, and relinquishing our power to those whose lives are directly impacted by society’s systematic injustices. People and institutions in power must open a path for community leaders and organizations to do critical racial justice work on their terms. Our vision is that every one of our partners achieves theirs.

We’re standing back so others can step forward, we’re holding our comments so others can speak. We’re listening not telling, and we’re putting the full might of our foundation behind the leaders bettering our community. We must amplify the voices of those who bravely speak out, and we must all work together to dismantle the systematic abuse of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. 

Sometimes, the best ways to support a movement is to open up a path so others can lead, and to make sure those leaders can access the tools to keep pushing the front forward.

In community, 

Magic Cabinet

Racial Justice Resources

Below are some of Magic Cabinet’s partners who are focused on achieving racial justice. Their websites are an excellent starting place for anyone interested in learning more, or for those who want to get involved with efforts happening in the San Francisco Bay or Seattle areas.

Bay Area

Open Door Legal  

Open Door Legal’s mission is to prove that when everyone has access to the law, poverty can be dramatically reduced. They are doing this by pioneering universal access to legal representation.

Planting Justice 

Planting Justice is a grassroots organization with a mission to empower people impacted by mass incarceration and other social inequities with the skills and resources to cultivate food sovereignty, economic justice, and community healing. 

Seattle Area

Community Passageways  

Restore. We create alternatives to incarceration for youth and young adults by rebuilding our communities through committed relationships centered on love, compassion, and consistency.

East African Community Services

Inspire East African immigrant and refugee families to achieve cradle to career success.

Northwest African American Museum  

The Northwest African American Museum’s (NAAM) mission is to spread knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment of the histories, arts, and cultures of people of African descent for the enrichment of all. 

Southeast Seattle Education Coalition (SESEC) 

Our mission is to rally communities of color and allies to improve Southeast Seattle schools so all students succeed, and all families are empowered.

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