The Magic Cabinet Manifesto

What if we opened our minds to a new type of philanthropy?


One that opens doors for nonprofits to better resources and bigger networks,

instead of donors just opening their wallets.


One that opens the space for nonprofits to collaborate together and share their experiences, as opposed to working alone and straining their limited resources.

One that’s open to listening to what nonprofits have to say, rather than telling them what they have to do.


One that’s open to long-term partnerships more than yearly program support.


A new type of philanthropy, that’s open to investing in a vision over insisting on immediate results.


This might sound like magical thinking, but it’s why we created Magic Cabinet.


Over the past 10 years, we’ve watched and worked closely with nonprofits to identify how they work best in today’s world. This first-hand experience has given us a clear vision of how to reimagine philanthropy to help nonprofits effectively change and impact their community. First, through funding long-term, capacity-building grants; then, fostering collaboration between nonprofits; and finally, empowering donors to use their curiosity and creativity to help a nonprofit thrive.


Now, we want everyone in the nonprofit community to profit from our experience.


By helping individual and institutional donors recognize the way they give is just as important as the amount they give when it comes to making the most of their efforts.


By providing more nonprofits with the organizational resources & relationships they need today, so they can realize their full potential—and impact—tomorrow.


By showing the world how we can make a bigger difference in people’s lives when we’re open to a different type of philanthropy.


Magic Cabinet | Opening up new paths for philanthropy.


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