For Nonprofits

Magic Cabinet partners with nonprofits who are:

People Focused

Focused on bettering the lives of people in their community. *

Locally Engaged

Are situated in or near the communities they serve.

Small to Medium-sized

Operating on yearly budgets between $500,000 - $2,500,000. **

Community Trusted

Serving their community and have been for at least three years.

Learning Organization

Open to new ideas, analyze outcomes and adjust accordingly.

Recognized Nonprofits

Granted 501(c)(3) tax determination by the United States’ IRS.

*We define “bettering the lives of the people in your community” broadly. We do not fund individuals or capital projects.

**Because of the restrictions accompanied by government funds, we typically do not work with organizations whose government funding exceeds 80% of their budget.

Become a Cohort Advisor

Join Magic Cabinet in building stronger communities with our nonprofit partners! If you’re looking to make a meaningful impact while connecting with community leaders, click to learn more about being a Cohort Advisor!

Our Engagement Process

All nonprofits who complete Magic Cabinet’s engagement process receive an engagement grant, the results of their nonprofit’s iCAT assessment, and become eligible for Magic Cabinet funded Cohort grants.

* Pictured in the image at the top of this page are graduates of La Cocina‘s incubator program: Mariko Grady, owner of Aedan Foods; and Lisa Myaf and Mark Charette, the owners of The Uncreamery.

Introduce your nonprofit! We would love to learn about your work.

Thank you for getting in touch. A Magic Cabinet Engagement Officer will reach out to share more.