The Nonprofit Iceberg

When you see an iceberg, the portion visible above water is only a tiny part of a larger whole. You can think of nonprofits in the same way.

Engagement Summary – Solano County

Engagement Process​ Challenges Opportunities A Call For Partners Executive Summary In early 2022, Magic Cabinet staff began identifying and conducting preliminary research on nonprofits in Solano County. The goal of this process was to identify three nonprofit organizations to partner with for Magic Cabinet’s long-term participatory grant-making model. This report summarizes Magic Cabinet’s research and […]

Our Guiding Principles

Magic Cabinet was founded as a learning organization. We did not want to make something for nonprofits – we wanted to build it with them. Together and over ten years, we experimented, with the aim to develop a new type of philanthropic partnership.

The Magic Cabinet Manifesto

What if we opened our minds to a new type of philanthropy? One that opens doors for nonprofits to better resources and bigger networks, instead of donors just opening their wallets. One that opens the space for nonprofits to collaborate together and share their experiences, as opposed to working alone and straining their limited resources. […]